What is a sexy woman

ice_girls_lake_boat-171Let’s understand what sexuality and study it as a subject of the school of seduction. It has long been known that men are primarily concerned with sexy women and only then – beautiful girls. Why is this happening? Because sexy beautiful woman, from which emanates sexuality, draws a man at the genetic level. In men and women by nature inherent desire to reproduce and when a man sees a woman, in the first moment he feels – whether it is possible contact with this woman or not. This does not mean that men all мир любви  their lives only think about sex. This happens at a subconscious level. So if a man sees a very beautiful woman, but emanates from her icy inaccessibility, in most cases, a man will pass by without paying attention to the beauty. Continue reading


How to get a girl uninterested in relationships

Most men do not fully understand the sexual behavior of Ukrainian women, so hurry up with the wrong judgments. And now, we analyze in detail the question: “How to conquer the heart of a girl who is not interested in building a relationship with you”How to get a girl uninterested in relationships
The first thing you need to understand and realize that you can build a perfect relationship with any beautiful woman, and if the Ukrainian girl suddenly said that she is not interested in a relationship – it is said that:
She probably has not found “their” man, after much failed attempts with the former, it is not completely satisfied with the guys, and after all this the beginning of a mistake to think that “all men are equal,” “all men goats” etc.
You’re probably now wondering: “How can they so declare and compile?” But to understand we will not go far, just remember the words of some of his buddies, “she’s a bitch”, “all women are equal” etc. As you can see, not only men think so. By the way, we advise you not to call them so, if a particular woman is not with you, it can only mean one thing – either: Continue reading


The difference in the age of 20: the pros and cons

It is said that love knows no age, that truly meet near and dear people can be in 30 or 50 years.

On the TV screen look at us happy celebrity couples where husbands twice, or three times older than his young companions. They all keep repeating that their marriages – the happiest and reliable.The difference in the age of 20: the pros and cons

But on the screen, but in real life any girl reshivshayasya link their lives with a man 20 years older than myself, really taking a risk. Will not her prince on a white horse ordinary boring old man 10-15 years old commercials life together, it will not seem a difference in the age of 20, an insurmountable obstacle to a happy family life?

Agree that when seventeen Russian girl falls in love with a man 20 years older, we all shake our heads, and we hope that this “wind in the head” will soon pass, the girl turned his attention to another object, more suitable to her age. But when the decision to marry a man twice her age itself takes quite mature, mature woman, we secretly “ear cams” for her, hoping that she does not make a fatal mistake. Continue reading


Sex-wave. How to get to the conveyor with Russian girls

When you have reached a good level, and generally likes russian girls, and behind them more than a dozen (and at this point you are as you walk), you start to look at them as if in a lump.

Not a trace with a few victories and setbacks, and a larger scale – the trends of his personal life.
And is it, in this trend, some fundamental laws. At first I thought it was just my observation, but then found out that my friends lurks the same.
Continue reading


Russian girl and her complexes

How to understand what’s going on in her head when you …
… To tear off her clothes!
“God, why did I wear these horrible pants?????”

And also – horrible bra and woolen tights. In addition, it may be that she did stupid manicure, bought the wrong shade and scrub with a depilatory confused, so she stabs everywhere. In moments of passion Russian girl by definition are never satisfied with their appearance. Try an experiment to tell her that it is divine and that no scrub you will not stop. Most likely, you will hear a harsh response: “I know myself that I am stuffed, so there’s nothing to scoff.”

What can I recommend? First, keep in control. Do not fret over trifles, and after all, it is only cowards. Second, try to avoid such moments his girlfriend to the mirror. Board up the door to the bathroom. If you have the room is a large mirror – razrisuy it. Still rests? Suggest to her old erotic game: hide and seek. Let it obvyazhet your eyes scarf or gymnastic ribbon. As long as you grope selected to the bed and tilting chairs, it has become absolutely naked. And unsightly, in her opinion, clothing upryachet under the pillow or zapihnet to her handbag.

“Hey, slow down there!”

Here she is right to the full. Usvoy once and for all the rush of love is allowed only in two cases. First – this is when it rolled its eyes and whispers, “Come on! Faster! “Second – if one of the partners was late for a train to the opera or to the closure of the department store. All other reasons are not justifiable.

Never allow false starts. If we took the girls to take off clothes, do it slowly and with feeling: anywhere it from you to stay. Details toilets are not scattered on the floor, and graceful movement put off to the side (but not on the bed). You should not admire her sweater, looking at the stitching on the shirt or, God forgive me, playing with the zipper on his jeans. Much more useful to get introduced to the device of some items of Russian women’s clothing and learn a couple of techniques.
“I do not understand where are your hands?”

When the lady made sure that you have no way to stop and not catch, she resorts to the last resort. Namely – starts to act up and be offended. Like, something you undress her section, but this is not enough. While she does not want anything. You forced her to go with you on the subject, told bare naked – and here you are the result. It is all in front of you, as they say, without embellishment. And to her, by the way, is cold: there, you see, all around was covered with goose bumps. If you do not mind, it nakinetsya even plaid. And go look out the window. More interesting than looking at you …

Remember, you can not give the lady a break and let her be covered Doodle. As soon as she is naked, add more to kissing and gentle touch. Do not try to climb right hands in the sacrum. Focus on the shoulders, elbows, chest, wrist and stomach. All these parts of the body recommended stroke, easy to massage and, if possible, smear what some oils. Do not forget to about kissing.

“Why are we doing this?”

It is the favorite Russian women’s issue. According to statistics, it sets every other girl in the world at least once in life. And of course, the range of emotions in this case can be very wide – from flirtatious giggles plaintive requests to be friends. If you are an inexperienced person, can you happy – this is only a rhetorical question. That is not to be answered, at least verbal. Be well prepared for the possibility that your hands will be firmly attached to a distance of two inches from her chest. It was at this point she wondered bitterly, “Why, they say, it all if we leave tomorrow?”.
In this formulation, the question let her make sure that you personally have sold so that any longer. Gentle, sensual voice explain that you now only two in the world. She – with external Bacchantes, full of sin, and you – from which emanates a grave and long voyages. All doors – let her see this – locked. The key is eaten, bridges burned. Neighbors told not to knock or cough. In short, everything contributes to your prosperous rapprochement.


Greater weight is not a hindrance sex with a Ukrainian woman

If you believe the popular mind, sex with a fat partner – a complete sentence. Is this true? Sexologist says Valery Petrovsky.
Myth 1. All full of men impotent and Ukrainian women are cold in bed.
In fact. The breakdown of fat helps produce testosterone and endorphins – the hormones responsible for sexual desire and satisfaction. So with this in fat fine. Sexual same problems are purely psychological in nature: the complex, which results from body fat (especially in women), leads to stiff, repressed emotions. If liberate fatty, let her know that she desires – this will handicap “Thumbelina”!
Myth 2. Full sweat a lot. Sex with them – this is for you, if you love the smell of sweat.
In fact. Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) occurs on the basis of endocrine, cancer and infectious diseases. Nothing to do with excess weight – sometimes thin sweats so that shy away from it around! Sweat glands of obese people with hygiene are no different from the sweat glands thin.
Myth 3. The more belly, the shorter term. “The principle of the melon”: belly grows and dries the tip! And obese Ukrainian women vagina hidden in the folds of fat.
In fact. Completeness is not affected by the length of the penis. The myth was born because of the “turtle effect” – a member of fat at rest is hidden under a layer of pubic fat as a shell, and can only see the tip. But is erect penis is released in all its glory. The vagina is a complete women generally will not hide. Labia, unlike the slender beauties and great relief – do not miss it!
Tolstushkiny pros
- It is much more sincere in sex than mannered and capricious model. Gives vent to emotions, releases the brake.
- It is easy to go to the experiments, oral, or anal sex will offer!
- Patient and hardy. It can be harder to squeeze, cuddle chest slap and even – to bite the ass – do not be offended!
- Rarely simulate orgasm. But if you really feel it, emotions, there is no limit – the partner is immediately feels!
Tolstushkiny cons
- Be careful with the compliments of: Ukrainian women, have set about its completeness, very sensitive to false. Excessive baby talk about her “delicate buds” or “ethereal velvet skin” could easily bring down the whole sexy attitude. Better not sentimental, but to say directly: “What a thrill for you to lie!”
- No fatties acrobats. Delights of Kamasutra was not for them. Guarantee of success – a simple but well-chosen position.
Pros surround men
- Aware of his clumsiness, he cares for the partner, his movements careful – so as not to accidentally crush cute!
- Rarely is suffering from premature ejaculation. His excitement is growing slowly – the ladies have plenty of time for savoring pleasure and orgasm!
- I’d love to give a lady lead in bed, would “prevail” over the other.
Possible disadvantages
- Slower is excited, is that your partner have to be patient.
- The fat man can yield thin one “zinger” in mobility tire quickly in certain positions.
- Choosing a position, we must remember that awkward movement – and a Ukrainian woman covers an avalanche of 120 kg of body weight!
Two Fat Men
If your total weight is close to 300 kg, do not despair. The main thing – to withstand the bed, all other problems are solved.
Plus. You both know firsthand what a weight. And then understand each other. Psychological intimacy – 50% success rate.
Minus. Two stomach – not one. This creates additional physical difficulties. But hopeless situation does not happen!